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Rethinking Afghanistan: New Full-Length Documentary Released Online Offers Insight Into America's Costly Quagmire

LOS ANGELES - Yesterday Brave New Foundation released the first chapter of "Rethink
Afghanistan," a new full-length documentary about the U.S.' escalating
military involvement in the country. Directed by Robert Greenwald,
creator of Uncovered: The War on Iraq and Iraq for Sale: The War
Profiteers, Rethink Afghanistan will forgo a traditional theatrical
release and will instead be posted in installments on YouTube and at

Brave New Foundation sent the trailer to the film to its email list of
1.3 million people with a link to the full 12 minute long chapter
entitled "Troops."  Future chapters of Rethink Afghanistan will address
the financial cost of the war, the role of Pakistan in the conflict,
civilian casualties, the plight of Afghan women, and terrorism.

You can watch both the trailer and the full first installment at:

The documentary series includes expert witness and testimony by:

- Andrew Bacevich - Professor of International Relations and History in
the Dept. of International Relations at Boston University.

- Stephen Kinzer - Award winning foreign correspondent who has covered more than 50 countries on five continents.

- Carl Conetta - Co-Director of the Project on Defense Alternatives.

- Steve Coll - Pulitzer prize-winning writer of Ghost Wars: the Secret
History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet
Invasion to September 10, 2001.

- Dr. Ramazan Bashardost ? Former parliamentary and current candidate for president of Afghanistan.

- Lawrence Korb - Senior Fellow at American Progress and a Senior Advisor to the Center for Defense Information.

-Shukria Barakzai - Female Afghan member of parliament, interviewed directly from Kabul.

At a time when the country faces a damaged reputation abroad and an
economic catastrophe at home, expanding the war in Afghanistan without
debating a comprehensive exit strategy is a serious mistake. In
releasing Rethink Afghanistan, Robert Greenwald, said: "This is an
ambitious undertaking; our documentary will be released in a novel way,
online and segmented and will be able to incorporate events as they are
happening along with expert testimony and opinions. At a time when the
country is in serious economic crisis, it will be very difficult for
the the president to advance his domestic agenda while dealing with a
quagmire on his hands."

For more information on the launch of the campaign or to host an
interview or speaking opportunity with Robert Greenwald participants
please contact:

Axel Woolfolk

310.204.0448 x. 232


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