Wake-Up Walmart.com Launches Month-Long Holiday Campaign

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Wake-Up Walmart.com Launches Month-Long Holiday Campaign

Two New TV Ads To Start Across the Country Thursday December 4th

WASHINGTON - WakeUpWalMart.com and its 435,000 members, today launched a month-long holiday campaign to highlight Wal-Mart's anti-worker/anti-American policies. The million dollar campaign will run throughout December and include national television advertising, local media and mail and more than 100 actions ranging from holiday drives for Wal-Mart employees to candlelight vigils outside of key Wal-Mart stores.

WakeUpWalMart.com's campaign to highlight Wal-Mart's anti worker policies comes on the heels of a tragic fatal accident that took the life of a Wal-Mart employee in New York on Black Friday. The goal of the campaign is to challenge Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer and America's largest private employer, to do their part to help America's economy get back on track by doing more for their workers and doing less to help the Chinese economy. Wal-Mart current imports more than 70% of their good from China.

"While Wal-Mart is making record profits ($3.03 billion dollars in the 3rd quarter alone), Wal-Mart workers are struggling to keep their heads above water because of poverty-level wages, unaffordable healthcare, poor treatment, and cuts in hours," said Meghan Scott, Director of WakeUpWalmart.com. "Our ‘Hope for the Holidays' campaign is designed to highlight the plight of hundreds of thousands of Wal-Mart employees who are struggling to get by while their employer is shipping millions of dollars overseas this holiday. We will be asking Wal-Mart shoppers to help us send a message to Wal-Mart to put American workers first this holiday season."

WakeupWalMart.com members will call on Wal-Mart to pay fair wages to its employees, provide affordable healthcare, and do more to ensure the safety of their workers and their products. The campaign will begin with two national ads that will start airing in key markets Thursday December 4th. WakeUpWalMart.Com will announce new activities each week in December.

The two ads "Hidden Costs" and "Thinking of shopping at Wal-Mart" will air in targeted markets across the country and can be viewed at http://www.wakeupwalmart.com/feature/holiday2008/


Have you added up all the hidden
costs behind Wal-Mart's prices?

The one-point-eight billion dollars taxpayers shell out for health care because Wal-Mart doesn't cover half its employees.

The lost wages of one-point-six-million women who had to take Wal-Mart to court to get paid the same as men.

Countless manufacturing jobs lost while America's largest corporation became America's biggest importer of Chinese goods.

Behind Wal-Mart's profits, the middle-class pays the price.

America can't afford it any longer.


If you're thinking of shopping at Wal-Mart this holiday season,

There's a 70% chance the gifts you buy come from Communist China.

America's largest corporation stocks its shelves with products made

In Chinese factories.

While more and more American factories are forced to shut down.

Behind those prices Wal-Mart likes to brag about:

countless American jobs lost overseas.

In this race to the bottom,

Wal-Mart gets ahead, and the middleclass gets left behind.

America can't afford it any longer.




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