Global Protest on Climate Change, Saturday 6th December, 2008

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Global Climate Campaign

Global Protest on Climate Change, Saturday 6th December, 2008

INTERNATIONAL - Citizens all around the world will be joining demonstrations to demand urgent action on climate change from world governments at the UN Climate Talks in Poznan, Poland (1st - 12th December). Please see below for international contacts

Last year during the Global Day of Action coinciding with the Bali Talks there were demonstrations and events in 70+ countries, with thousands or tens of thousands protesting in many countries, from Germany to Taiwan, Canada to Nepal and the Lebanon to the USA (see )

Protesters will demand real progress towards a meaningful "post-Kyoto" international deal on climate. The last chance to achieve this is widely seen as being the Copenhagen Talks in December next year and this year's Talks in Poznan will be vital to pave the way. A broad consensus of scientific opinion is suggesting we have less than ten years in which to halt and reverse the increase in global emissions of greenhouse gases. In that light many see the achievement of an effective ‘post-kyoto' deal next year as our last chance to avoid a global catastrophe.

Phil Thornhill, from the Campaign against Climate Change in the UK, said, on behalf of the Global Climate Campaign "The current financial crisis does not absolve world leaders from their responsibility towards the literally billions of people, mainly from the world's poorest communities, who are likely to perish if climate change remains unchecked. Frustration is boiling over at the years of failure to achieve meaningful international action on climate even as the evidence that we are on the brink of an unprecedented and irreversible catastrophe mounts. On Saturday December 6th people from all around the world will be saying that the time is now for world leaders to take decisive action to avert a global calamity"



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