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New Ad Criticizes McCain for Placing Rhetoric Over Results on Veterans Issues

for a Livable World's Veterans Alliance for Security and Democracy
Political Action Committee (CLW-VETPAC) just released a new video
advertisement criticizing Sen. John McCain's poor record on veterans

To view the advertisement, go to

The new ad challenges McCain for claiming to be a strong supporter of
veterans while consistently voting against veterans health care funding
and other key veterans legislation, including the new GI Bill of Rights
for the 21st Century.

"We honor John McCain's service to our country, but, unlike Barack Obama, he is no champion on veterans issues," said CLW-VETPAC President Colonel Dick Klass (USAF, ret.). "Our latest ad highlights only some of the ways that John McCain's deeds have not matched his words."

What makes CLW-VETPAC's new ad unique is that it was created using an
internet service that allows people to generate their own political
advertisements. Individuals across the country now have the power -
through monetary contributions - to create and place ads in communities
across the country in order to educate voters about McCain's dismal
record on veterans issues.

"There's a misconception that because McCain is a veteran, he's
a strong supporter of veterans issues in Congress. In reality, the
opposite is true,"
said CLW-VETPAC Vice President Lorin Walker. "Our ad should help clear up that misconception and help the American people hold McCain accountable."

To view the advertisement, go to



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CLW-VETPAC was formed by American Veterans and military family members to promote the principles and values for which members of the armed forces have served, fought, and died. Working together with the American People, CLW-VETPAC embarked on a "search and rescue" mission to promote national leadership that will help us rescue America's future from policies that threaten our national security, our civil liberties, our country's economy and, indeed, our Constitution. CLW-VETPAC intends to help our comrades explain to America why the Democratic Party is more qualified to protect America in a post 9/11 world.

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