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Civil Rights Lawsuits To Be Filed In The Atftermath of The DNC

Multiple lawsuits to be filed for mass violations of Civil Liberties

DENVER - On Tuesday, September 9th at 10 am, at the law offices of Killmer, Lane & Newman, located at1543 Champa Street on the 4th Floor, community members whose civil liberties were violated at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver will be discussing the resulting lawsuits that will be filed to seek justice and damages for the assaults on their constitutional rights.


The weeks since the convention, Mayor John Hickenlooper and members of his administration have been in "spin" mode in an attempt to convince the public that everything went smoothly and everyone's rights were protected due to expectations of resulting lawsuits arising from the event. The City of Denver claims that the only arrests that were made were for criminal behavior. In addition, they have gone out of their way to portray American citizens engaging in political activities as criminals. The true story was anything but. Throughout the week, the police state that was created engaged in a systematic violation of community members constitutional rights ranging from illegal search and seizures, illegal arrests and detentions, discriminate arrests based on perceived political ideologies, to flat out police brutality. "The Mayor has been stating how proud he is that there were only 153 arrest during the convention. It is a sad day when an elected official is proud of violating 153 American's civil liberties", said the Re-create 68 Alliance's spokesperson Glenn Spagnuolo.


Speaking at the press conference will be attorney David Lane and a representation of his clients. To learn more about the secret story that the Mayor does not want the public to hear and the lawsuits that will be filed on behalf of the American public, please plan on attending the press conference tomorrow.



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