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Moore Takes on McCain War Record

In Second Appearance on Meet the Bloggers, Moore Questions 'Hero' Status

LOS ANGELES - In his second appearance on the
innovative new online show, Meet the Bloggers, Michael Moore raised
some tough issues related to John McCain's use of his war record in the
campaign. Asked if he believes Senator Obama should raise questions
about McCain's war record, Mr. Moore said: "Anytime McCain uses his POW
status or especially the Vietnam War to attack [Obama's] patriotism or
his service, or what he's done for this country, then it is fair
game." Quoting a section in Mr. McCain's autobiography in which he said
'We were bombing heavily populated areas of North Vietnam,' Mr. Moore
argued that "everyone who stood up against that war is a hero, is a
brave American."   

Watch the clip here

Moore's comments signal his entrance to the 2008 electoral discussion
as the renegade spokesman of the left. In the wake of the release of
his film, Fahrenheit 9/11, Moore filled stadiums with people seeking
his take on the 2004 election. Mr. Moore's comments couldn't have been
better timed. The South Carolina Republican Party released a new ad
this week focusing exclusively - for the first time - on McCain's
status as a POW.


Watch it here

marks a turning-point in the campaign. As Obama's acceptance speech at
the Democratic Convention made reference to McCain's infamous
'temperament,' and McCain's choice for his VP raises questions about
his ability to serve a full four-year term, the question of whether
McCain's wartime experience is a strength or a liability seems to be
right around the corner. 

long as McCain doesn't want to disparage people who are pro-peace, he
can have his whole thing and he felt good about it and whatever," Mr.
Moore said, "But when he throws it out and says that everybody else
wasn't patriotic; them's fightin' words. And the Democrats and Obama
better take off the gloves and start fighting."


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