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Guidelines for Submitting News Releases

Common Dreams 'Progressive NewsWire' is a non-profit news service providing the latest news releases from the progressive community. While we often carry releases from other organizations, we are unable to publish all the releases we receive especially those which are not clearly of national or international interest.

News releases should:

1. Be of national or international interest. We would like to carry releases on local work from all the great local progressive organizations but it would overwhelm us.

2. Be current. We will only carry releases which are sent to us at the same time that they are delivered to other media outlets. We will not use any release which is more than 24 hours old.

3. Be sent as plain text within the body of an e-mail. No attachments will be accepted. No faxed releases will be used.

4. Be proofread. We do no editing of news releases. We will publish news releases exactly as they are sent to us - typos and all.

5. Be internet friendly. Include url of your organization and e-mail addresses of your contacts. And no CAPITALIZATION!

Please send all news releases to: newswire@commondreams.org



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