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Monday, July 23, 2018
Women Dressed as 'Handmaids' to Confront 'Vicious Theocrat' Mike Pence in Philadelphia Over His Anti-Choice Agenda
"Pence is one of the most dangerous reactionary figures in modern history. He is a key figure in ushering in a theocratic society right out of the Handmaid's Tale."
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Watch 'Fox & Friends' Hosts Realize They Really Booked the Wrong Guest to Talk About ICE
"That didn't go as planned."
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Former FBI director James Comey As Democratic Socialist Candidates Gain Steam, James Comey Slammed for Centrist 'Scaremongering'
"This tweet deriding socialism is a good reminder that just before becoming FBI director, James Comey worked at Bridgewater—the world's largest hedge fund."
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Earliest "Earth Overshoot Day" Ever Expected for 2018 as Consumption of Natural Resources Accelerates
The overuse of natural resources "should be of concern to all, but especially political leaders, who aren't doing enough to make life on Earth sustainable"
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President Donald Trump As Trump Tweets Threats, Warnings of His Team 'Working in Lock Step to Lay Groundwork' for War With Iran
"Everything they're doing right now is only compatible with a policy of confrontation."
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