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Friday, September 21, 2018
Millions of Women Join Forces in Brazil to Fight Back Against 'Misogynist" and 'Truly Fascist' Presidential Candidate
"We need everyone to pull together to stop this disaster happening to our country."
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NYT Latest to Sue for FCC Documents as Demands Pile Up for Ajit Pai to Come Clean on Net Neutrality Comments
Lawsuit claims Pai's commission has "thrown up a series of roadblocks" to prevent the newspaper from obtaining records which its journalists first requested in the summer of 2017
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Progressives to DNC: It Would Be 'Insane' Not to Hand Over Twitter Account to Ocasio-Cortez
"It's kind of amazing that one of the most naturally talented politicians to emerge in some time also happens to be a highly effective, aggressive, and rather merciless combatant in social media messaging."
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Maine Lawmakers Vote to Curb Free Speech by Banning Projection of Political Messages onto State House
"It's free speech...It's a public space, paid for with tax dollars. It's our State House."
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Kavanaugh Ally Deletes 'Batshit' Theory Just in Time for Trump to Attack Ford's Credibility
"You have no idea" how hard it's been to keep Trump from attacking Kavanaugh's accuser, a White House source told Axios
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On Trump's New York Doorstep, Demands for Puerto Rico Recovery That Puts Human Dignity Over Profit
"We need to ensure that we are fighting against a predatory system that sucks every bit of value from the backs of working people."
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