All News Articles for 2020-04-11

Saturday, April 11, 2020
'Bullying of Marginalized Workers': Trump Moves to Slash Pay of Guest Farmworkers Amid Covid-19 Crisis
"While farmworkers are working during a pandemic to pick the food that feeds our families during this crisis, Trump is looking to cut their pay."
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With Postal Service on 'Verge of Collapse' and 630,000 Jobs at Risk, Trump Slammed for Refusing to Act
"We've pleaded with the White House to help. Donald Trump personally directed his staff not to do so."
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'Putting Profits Over People': Unions Warn New Covid-19 Guidance From Trump CDC Endangers Frontline Workers
"Reckless. Short-sighted. Dangerous. Unacceptable."
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Trump Labor Secretary Condemned for 'Despicable' Efforts to Roll Back Unemployment Benefits, Paid Leave in Coronavirus Stimulus
"Trump's Labor Department has been working diligently to ensure that no U.S. worker has it too easy in the middle of a pandemic and burgeoning economic depression."
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"They're Crooks": Coal Industry Aims to Exploit Coronavirus Crisis to Cut Payments to Miners With Black Lung
Coal companies are "going to try to use this virus thing to stop paying benefits," warned one retired miner suffering from black lung.
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