All News Articles for 2020-02-22

Saturday, February 22, 2020
"That's Called Electability": Diverse Coalition Propels Bernie Sanders to Big Win in Nevada
"That's not just a savvy coalition for winning the Nevada caucuses, it's how Bernie Sanders becomes president. Face it, establishment Democrats—it's his party now."
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MSNBC host Chris Matthews opines on the state of the Democratic primary. MSNBC's Chris Matthews Suggests Four More Years of Trump Might Be Better for Democratic Party Than Sanders Winning White House
"This is what happens when you and your network are in a complete panic-riddled meltdown."
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Nevada Entrance Poll Shows 62% of Democratic Caucus-Goers Support Medicare for All
"It's fair to say Democratic leadership fails to understand how much everyday Americans hate their private healthcare coverage."
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'Deep Disdain Masquerading as Journalism': MSNBC Pundit Under Fire for Calling Sanders Staffers 'Misfit Black Girls'
"This misogynoir is disappointing, but not surprising from Dr. Jason Johnson," said Briahna Joy Gray, national press secretary for the Sanders campaign.
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'A Travesty and a Disgrace': Trump Quietly Issues Memo That Could Abolish Union Rights for 750,000 Federal Workers
"This administration will not stop until it takes away all workers' rights to form and join a union."
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'How Can We Stop the Workers Who Want Higher Wages?' Sanders Mocks 'Nervous' Establishment on Eve of Nevada Caucus
"I've got news for the Republican establishment. I've got news for the Democratic establishment. They can't stop us."
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