All News Articles for 2019-10-16

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
'Is This Real? This Can't Be Real': Stunned Reaction to Unhinged Trump Letter to Erdoğan
"Trump wrote a letter to the Turkish president written like a child... We cannot keep going like this."
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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (C), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) (R) and Representative Steny Hoyer, walk out of the White House after meeting with US President Donald Trump in Washington, DC on October 16, 2019. (Photo: Brendan Smialowski / AFP/Getty) Pelosi Emerges From Trump Meeting, Says: 'What We Witnessed on the Part of the President Was a Meltdown'
Trump told the Democratic congressional leaders, according to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, that "some of ISIS were communists and you would be happy with that."
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The Zackenberg valley in Northeast Greenland, summer 2018 - huge amounts of snow still covered the ground in late June, where the snow-covered season usually is coming to an end. (Photo: Lars Holst Hansen) In Twist of Climate Crisis, Study Finds Extreme Arctic Snowfall in 2018 Caused Near 'Complete Reproductive Failure of Plants and Animals'
"2018 may offer a peep into the future, where increased climatic variability may push the arctic species to—and potentially beyond—their limits."
Read more Ridiculed for Claiming Sanders Use of 'Existential' Misleading Because Climate Crisis May Not 'Obliterate All People From the Planet'
"Looking forward to Democratic candidates describing climate change precisely as 'something short of a literally existential threat' so that they can finally debate the issue in good faith."
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New York Attorney General Letitia James Critics Warn 'Consumers Will Pay the Price' After GOP-Controlled FCC Approves T-Mobile/Sprint Merger
"The good news is that attorneys general from more than a dozen states and the District of Columbia have joined a lawsuit to block the merger."
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Writer George Monbiot is arrested by police officers after being arrested in Trafalgar Square on October 16, 2019 in London. Extinction Rebellion Making Things Inconvenient? Actually, Says Naomi Klein, the Climate Crisis 'Is Really, Really Inconvenient'
"There is nothing more inconvenient than being hit by a Category 5 hurricane, by having a wildfire raze your town."
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Media Outlets Use Study of Healthcare Plan That Is Not Sanders' Medicare for All Bill to Fearmonger Cost of Medicare for All
The plan assessed in a new study by the Urban Institute, said Matt Bruenig, "uses hospital reimbursement rates that are 15 percent higher than the rates in the M4A legislation, meaning that its cost estimates are much higher than the actual costs of M4A."
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'An Ecological Abomination': Trump Moves to Open Largest Protected Forest in US to Logging Industry
"This ecologically rich landscape and critical wildlife habitat will be lost forever if industry is allowed to clear-cut our national forest."
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Mothers hold their babies as they protest about the climate crisis outside Google offices during the tenth day of demonstrations by the climate change action group Extinction Rebellion, in London, on October 16, 2019. With Babies in Tow, Mothers With Extinction Rebellion Target Google HQ Over Its Funding of 'Climate Deniers'
"Its company motto is 'do the right thing,'" a mother of two said of Google. "The right thing to do could not be more obvious: stop funding climate deniers."
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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) WATCH: With Endorsement, Ilhan Omar Says Bernie Sanders Building Movement That Envisions Country 'I Dreamed About'
"Sanders is the only candidate that has built a movement and continues to build a movement that transcends gender, ethnicity, religion."
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Buttigieg Denounced for Spouting 'Pack of Lies' About Medicare for All While Swimming in Insurance Industry Cash
"Mayor Pete sounds like he's on the payroll of the Republican National Committee."
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CNN Host Faces Backlash for Pondering Whether Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, and Omar Endorsements Are 'Too Urban' to Help Sanders
"Campaign just went from too white to too urban. That's U R B A N for those who couldn't hear the whistle from the back."
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'An Absolute Joke': Debate Moderators Condemned for Asking About Ellen and George Bush After Completely Ignoring Climate Crisis
" CNN thought it was more important to use Ellen hanging out with a war criminal as a jumping off point to ask about bipartisan friendships than ask about the largest existential threat facing humanity."
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