All News Articles for 2018-11-29

Thursday, November 29, 2018
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) gave the keynote address Thursday night to kick off the inaugural Sanders Institute Gathering in Burlington, Vermont. (Photo:  Will Allen / @willallenphoto) Calling for Policies That Work for World's Children, "Not a Handful of Billionaires," Bernie Sanders Delivers Keynote Address at Sanders Institute Gathering
The senator opened a three-day event dedicated to discussing solutions to issues including healthcare access, wage inequality, and the climate crisis
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'Immediate Trouble' for Don Jr. Predicted After Michael Cohen Guilty Plea
Trump cancels scheduled meeting with Vladimir Putin and calls former lawyer 'weak' in response to new guilty plea in federal court
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'The One Financial Institution That Stuck with Trump': Deutsche Bank Headquarters Raided in Germany
" Trump's long and winding history with Deutsche Bank could now be at the center of Robert Mueller's investigation."
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Hackers Stole Nearly Quarter Million Dollars Our Revolution Raised for Standing Rock Protests
"We'd done fundraising specifically on behalf of the tribe, and to have that money just be gone and never reach its intended purpose was unacceptable," said former board member Lucy Flores. "So we decided to give them the money that was raised and take the loss as an organization."
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Demands for Trump Labor Secretary to Resign After 'Jaw-Dropping' and 'Enraging' Story About Sweetheart Deal for Billionaire Pedophile
"It is horrifying that Acosta would be a member of good society again, let alone in the line of succession to the presidency."
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'The Whole Internet Is Watching': As Deadline Nears, Day of Action Takes Aim at House Members Still Standing Against Net Neutrality
"Will you vote to restore net neutrality and help save the free and open internet? Or will you go down in history as one of the politicians who helped hasten its death?"
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