All News Articles for 2018-09-03

Monday, September 3, 2018
Healthy Babies at Risk, Warn Experts, as Trump Fearmongering Drives Immigrant Families Off Nutrition Assistance Program
"Even without any official order banning immigrants and their US-born children from utilizing life-saving services, the rumors are already traumatizing families."
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#OhareShutdown: Eyes on Chicago as Activists Vow to Block Major Airport on Labor Day
Resignation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel among demands of those who say they are determined to bring attention to city's woes
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With Beto O'Rourke on the Rise, Anti-Cruz Billboards Featuring Trump Could Arrive Right on Time
With political friends like these, who needs enemies?
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As Brazil Mourns, Government Neglect and Austerity Blamed for 'Unbearable Catastrophe' of National Museum Fire
"My feeling," said one of the museum's directors, "is of total dismay and immense anger."
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On Labor Day, Critics Say It's Clear What Side Trump Is On: 'Not the Working Class. Just the Ruling Class'
"Despite all the posturing, this is an administration and Congress beholden to deep pocket donors and entrenched corporate interests, that is acting relentlessly and systematically to undermine working people."
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