All News Articles for 2018-08-25

Saturday, August 25, 2018
Sen. John McCain, Republican War Hawk, Dead at 81
"US media worships, above all, US militarism. It's our civic religion."
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Praising Vote on Superdelegates, Sanders Says Democratic Party Will Now Be 'More Open, Democratic and Responsive' to Regular Voters
"Today's decision by the DNC is an important step forward," senator declared
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'Tremendous Victory for the People': Federal Judge Rules Trump's Anti-Worker Order Unconstitutional
"President Trump's illegal action was a direct assault on the legal rights and protections that Congress specifically guaranteed to the public-sector employees across this country who keep our federal government running every single day."
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'This Is Massive': Landslide Victory for Progressive Reform as DNC Cuts Superdelegates Down to Size
"This thing is over. The DNC membership just overwhelmingly approved the voice reforms by a voice vote. Super delegates do not get a vote on the first convention ballot unless a candidate already has the nomination sewn up from pledged delegates."
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Less Than 24 Hours After Senate Rejected Effort to Curb Slaughter, 26 More Children Killed by US-Backed Bombing in Yemen
"These deaths are on our hands, and many more children will die in Yemen as long as the U.S. supports the Saudi-led war."
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