All News Articles for 2018-07-15

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Finnish Newspaper Greets Trump and Putin With Billboards Defending 'Free Press'
With protesters in the streets of Helsinki, U.S. and Russian presidents get cold and critical greeting in nation's capital city
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Think GOP Lawmakers Not Unhinged Enough to Endorse Program Called "Kinderguardians" That Puts Guns in Hands of 4-Year-Old Kids? Watch Them
Sacha Baron Cohen's new show is about to drop and exposed nut-job Republicans are not happy about it
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'She Won 7% of the Vote': In Rebuke to Feinstein, Progressive Challenger Kevin de León Receives Landslide Endorsement from California Democrats
"California Democrats are leading the call for a bold agenda in Washington that puts people before politics and focuses on building a future for our state that works for everyone," de León declared in reaction.
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