All News Articles for 2018-06-02

Saturday, June 2, 2018
"We Need to Shame Disney" Over Poverty Wages, Declares Bernie Sanders at Workers' Rally
While Disney gobbles up hundreds of million in taxpayer subsidies, Sanders joins workers to rail against corporate largess that denies people a living wage and fuels inequality
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Scott Pruitt, Courtside Seats, Corruption, and—Oh, Yeah—the Destruction of the Planet
"True, our planet is being wrecked by climate change, but at least Scott Pruitt got good seats to a basketball game."
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Sorrow, Outrage Over IDF Killing of Nurse in Gaza as Deathtoll Surpasses 120
"Razan was not shooting," said one witness. "Razan was saving souls and treating the wounded."
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"Psychopath's Trade War": Critics Denounce Trump's Reckless Tariffs on Mexico, EU, and Canada
"It simply makes no sense to start a trade war with Canada, the European Union and others who are engaged in fair trade, are not cheating and where workers are paid a living wage with good benefits," argued Sanders
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