All News Articles for 2018-05-05

Saturday, May 5, 2018
Protesters outside the NRA convention on Friday Fed Up With "Tragedy After Tragedy," Student-Led Rally Denounces NRA's "Dangerous Agenda" With Protests Outside Convention
Students behind the event are "a prime example of how the young people are going to change the world," says March for Our Lives
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Protesters hold signs reading 'No planet B' and 'Climate emergency' CO2 Levels Hit Record, April Temp Hits Record, and 'We Keep Burning Fossil Fuels'
April gave clear signs the climate crisis is deepening
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In 2017, the NSA tripled the amount of data it collected from U.S. phones. (Image EFF Photos/flickr/cc) Tripling Its Collection, NSA Sucked Up Over 530 Million US Phone Records in 2017
"Overall, the numbers show that the scale of warrantless surveillance is growing at a significant rate," says POGO's Jake Laperruque.
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