All News Articles for 2018-01-27

Saturday, January 27, 2018
#BailoutCaucus: These 11 Senate Democrats Are Joining GOP in Effort to Dismantle Wall Street Regulations
"This breakaway #BailoutCaucus may think their support of this bill will fly under the radar—only noticed by bank executives and lobbyists giving campaign contributions. They are wrong."
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Trump Launched 'Smear Campaign' to Discredit FBI Officials Likely to Testify Against Him: Report
"Imagine believing that Trump isn't guilty of obstruction of justice."
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Nearly 100 Killed in Kabul After Attacker Detonates 'Explosive-Laden' Ambulance
The Taliban has claimed responsibility for what was described by one aid group as "a massacre."
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Leaked Trump Infrastructure Plan Ripped as Thinly-Veiled 'Assault on the Environment'
"The memo reveals an infrastructure plan that is essentially a giveaway to corporations at the expense of the American people and our environment."
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