All News Articles for 2017-08-17

Thursday, August 17, 2017
Heather Heyer memorial After Charlottesville, Republicans Defend Bills to Protect Drivers Who Hit Protesters
Despite Heather Heyer's death, GOP still standing by controversial proposals
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In an act of civil disobedience and solidarity, more than 200 citizens offered to turn themselves in for toppling a Confederate monument in Durham, North Carolina. In Support of Eight Arrested for Toppling Durham Statue, Hundreds Turn Themselves In
"The people will continue to keep making the right choices until every Confederate statue is gone, until white supremacy is gone."
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A general view of ambulances at the scene of a terrorist attack in the Las Ramblas area on August 17, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. Officials say 13 people are confirmed dead and at least 50 injured after a van plowed into people in the Las Ramblas area of the city this afternoon. After Attack in Spain, Trump Invokes 'Vile' Myth Celebrating Mass Execution of Muslims
Suggesting Muslims should be executed with bullets dipped in pig blood called "sick" and "appalling"
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Protest against Donald Trump Trump on the Brink? Impeachment Support Grows Amid Speculation He'll Resign
As the majority of Americans and his own party denounce the president's response to Charlottesville, Democrats move to impeach him
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Citizens of southern cities including New Orleans have fought in recent months to have Confederate statues removed. As Removal Movement Grows, Trump Sides With White Supremacists on Confederate Monuments
"The argument that the Confederate flag and other displays represent 'heritage, not hate' ignores the near-universal heritage of African Americans whose ancestors were enslaved by the millions."
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Wednesday night, marchers—singing "We are not afraid" and "We shall overcome"—offered a peaceful and hopeful alternative to the violence and hatred that was on display at the so-called "Unite the Right" rally. 'Hope Not Hatred': Thousands Gather Across US in Rebuke to Trump, Neo-Nazis
"Candles instead of torches. This is Charlottesville."
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Philippine presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte gestures during a campaign rally on April 23, 2016 in Manila, Philippines. Duterte, Recipient of Trump Praise, Just Threatened to Have Human Rights Activists Shot
Philippines leader, now "plumbing new depths of barbarity" in his war on drugs, was told by Trump earlier this year to "keep up the good work"
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
"DEFCON 1-Level Bad": Uproar After Steve Bannon Gets Loose With Lefty Magazine
Top Trump advisor and self described anti-globalist goes on-the-record with American Prospect to talk "economic war with China," identity politics, and how certain White House colleagues are "wetting themselves" over foreign affairs
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