All News Articles for 2016-10-14

Friday, October 14, 2016
Posting New Secret Trade Docs, Wikileaks Further Exposes Corporate Plot
'Despite its importance both the US Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have thus far given no position on the TISA Agreement.'
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A Child Dies by Accidental Gunshot Every Other Day in US: Report
New analysis finds that more than 1,000 minors were accidentally shot and killed between January 1, 2014 and June 30, 2016
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Monsanto Faces People's Tribunal for Crimes Against Planet and Humanity
Mock trial at The Hague calls on International Criminal Court to take real action against biotech behemoth
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As Flint Suffers, Big Pharma Slammed for Lead Poison Drug Price Hike of 2,700%
Drug company Valeant described as 'poster child for pharmaceutical greed'
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Haitians with symptoms of cholera are treated in a hospital in Jérémie on Thursday. Aid Groups Warn of More 'Unnecessary Deaths' in Haiti as Cholera Outbreak Threatens
As death toll from Hurricane Matthew reaches 1,000 with almost 800 people missing, aid agencies warn that Haiti may be struck by fresh cholera outbreak
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Sen. Warren Urges Obama to Fire 'Unapologetic' SEC Chief for 'Brazen Conduct'
Under Mary Jo White's leadership, SEC has gone off course from its central mission, Warren writes in scathing letter
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