All News Articles for 2016-09-29

Thursday, September 29, 2016
Nation Ready to Finally End 'Detrimental and Deeply Unjust' Hyde Amendment
'In the nearly 40 years since Hyde was first passed, how many woman have been pushed into back alleys because of it? How many women were pushed further into poverty?'
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Undermining Democracy, Corporations Pouring Millions into Local Ballot Fights
Public Citizen finds total corporate spending on just eight local measures has topped $139 million
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Groups Slam Republican AGs Big Oil Collusion to Protect ExxonMobil
'This is a smoking gun when it comes to fossil fuel industry corruption'
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Over 20 Arrested After Militarized Police Raid #NoDAPL Prayer Ceremony
Water protectors say that "with state police protecting Dakota Access Pipeline," President Obama's "words are meaningless."
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Amid Latest Johnson Gaffe, Critics Destroy Argument for Voting Libertarian
Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson—who's drawing support from former Bernie Sanders supporters—"has an exceptionally low bar to clear. And yet again, he has shown that he's unable to clear it"
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Point of No Return: Earth Reaches 400ppm Threshold Permanently
Scientists say it is 'almost impossible' that carbon dioxide output will drop below symbolic milestone in our lifetimes
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