All News Articles for 2016-04-08

Friday, April 8, 2016
Sanders Takes 30-Point Bite out of Clinton Lead in NY
New poll shows Clinton with 18-point lead over Sanders, compared to 48-point lead in mid-March
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Latest Afghan Civilian Drone Deaths Prompt Renewed Call to End "US Terror"
Peace activist jailed for protest responds to news that U.S. airstrikes in Afghanistan killed at least 17 civilians
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Leaked Encryption Draft Bill 'Ignores Economic, Security, and Technical Reality'
"This bill makes effective cybersecurity illegal."
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Calls for David Cameron's Resignation Escalate in Panama Papers Fallout
Massive protest planned for Saturday as lawmakers demand prime minister step down over offshore finances
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Humans an Invasive Species Heading for a 'Crash,' Study Says
"The question is: Have we overshot Earth's carrying capacity today?"
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'Of Course' Hillary Clinton is Qualified to Be President, Sanders Clarifies
In attempt turn conversation backs towards issues voters care about, Sanders walks back charge levied earlier this week
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Sanders Significantly Narrows Clinton's Leads in California, Pennsylvania
Sanders trails Clinton by a mere six points in upcoming primary state Pennsylvania and delegate-heavy California
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"No Safe Pipelines": TransCanada Admits Keystone Spill Bigger than First Claimed
TransCanada initially claimed Keystone spill only amounted to 4.5 barrels, but now puts estimate at 400 barrels
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Thursday, April 7, 2016
Off-Script Bill Clinton Triggers Storm of Critics After Touting Welfare, Prison Legacy
'You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter,' former president tells racial justice activists who interrupted campaign rally
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