All News Articles for 2015-12-28

Monday, December 28, 2015
For Spain's Podemos, People Take Priority Over Politics
Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias wants to push "social emergency" law when parliament reconvenes January 13
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'Saddened But Not Surprised': No Indictment for Cops Who Killed Tamir Rice
Twelve-year-old's family accuses prosecutor of 'abusing and manipulating the grand jury process to orchestrate a vote against indictment'
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Pentagon Deliberately Thwarting Efforts to Close Guantanamo
Reuters exposes 'pattern' of obstructionism that has prevented or delayed the transfer of cleared detainees
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'Badge to Kill'? Two More Police Shootings in Chicago Raise Public Ire
In wake of latest deaths, protesters say to Mayor Rahm Emanuel: 'You failed us before, but now's your time to stand up, or step down.'
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Sanders Makes Play for Trump's 'Angry' Supporters
'We need policies that bring us together,' Sanders said, rather than play on Americans' frustrations to incite anger and bigotry
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Thanks, Climate Change. Extreme Weather Wreaking Havoc Across Globe
'Biblical' flooding in the UK has forced hundreds of evacuations, while fatal storms in U.S. have killed at least 43 people
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