All News Articles for 2015-12-06

Sunday, December 6, 2015
No End to "So Much War" as President Obama Delivers Oval Office Speech
U.S. president offers latest developments in the nation's ongoing "war on terrorism," which after being initiated by predecessor George W. Bush nearly 15 years ago is also known as the "endless war"
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'Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground: A Declaration for the Health of Mother Earth'
Indigenous leaders from around the world, along with allies, are demanding real climate solutions, including bottom-up initiatives originating in their traditional knowledge, culture, and spirituality.
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"You Ain’t No Muslim Bruv": Retort to London Attacker Goes Viral
With anti-Muslim and xenophobic sentiment on the rise in the wake of Paris attacks, social media hashtag aims to pushback against reactionary blame game
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To Lift Quality of Life and Economy, Finland Champions Universal Basic Income
Under the plan receiving support by 70 percent of the country, every adult would receive a monthly allotment of €800
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