All News Articles for 2015-07-03

Friday, July 3, 2015
New Reporting: US Spied on German Media
New revelations indicate NSA spying in Germany went beyond German officials
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Weekend Actions in Canada Herald 'New Kind of Climate Movement'
Marches and actions for 'a just transition to a clean economy' to take place across Canada this weekend
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Small Donations, Not Super PACs, Bring Big Funds for Bernie Sanders
Flood of small donations another sign of growing support for Independent senator's campaign
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If World Refuses to Act on Carbon, Oceans Doomed to 'Irreversible' Damage
New study warns, 'any new global climate agreement that does not minimize the impacts on the ocean will be inadequate.'
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Latest Tally Shows Raging Assault on Reproductive Rights Nationwide
Since start of year, state legislatures have enacted no fewer than 51 anti-choice measures
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As Referendum Looms, Troika Charged with Plotting 'Regime Change' in Greece
That elite financial forces in Europe are using financial muscle to provoke political outcomes in Athens has never been more apparent, say critics
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