Q&A: Reading The New York Times With Naomi Klein

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Q&A: Reading The New York Times With Naomi Klein

'Imagine,' says journalist and author, 'if every foreign correspondent was told that covering the impact that climate change was having on conflict and economics was part of the job.'

Author and activist Naomi Klein spoke to the Times about what she appreciates, and what she finds lacking, about the way the 'paper of record' covers climate change, the global economy, and other key issues.  (Credit:Ed Kashi)

Naomi Klein is a best-selling author whose most recent book is “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.”

Q. What story best exemplifies the clash between capitalism and climate change that you describe in your new book?

Naomi Klein:
The article by Hiroko Tabuchi, “Americans Pocketing What They Save on Gas, Retail Data Suggests.”

The article reports grimly that Americans didn’t shop as much as projected in December as if this is unequivocally negative, since we have an economic system that treats all market expansion as good and all contraction as bad.

But a dip in December shopping (which tends to be the most frantic and useless kind) is actually good news from a climate perspective. The article then says that more “upbeat” times are on the way because lower gas prices will free up cash for more shopping, including more car buying.

Once again, from a climate perspective, up is down.

We have a fundamental conflict between what the market demands and what the planet needs to remain stable, which is why the subtitle of my book is “Capitalism vs. the Climate.”

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