All News Articles for 2015-01-02

Friday, January 2, 2015
Bill Moyers' Retirement from Television "Lays Down a Challenge" for Next Generation of Journalists
After more than forty years as celebrated and progressive voice in broadcast news, veteran journalist says... "Over to you, welcome to the fight."
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US-Trained Afghan Army Behind Deadly Attack on Wedding Party
New Year's Eve incident that killed as many as 26 sparks protest, investigation
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Citing Next Generations, Lawsuits Demand Courts Recognize 'Mind-Blowing' Climate Impacts
'There are laws of nature that we have to comply with,' says legal scholar on final episode of Moyers & Company. 'And those laws are supreme.'
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Canadian CEOs Raking In Nearly 200 Times Average Worker's Pay
Top-paid executives took home average citizen's annual salary in less than a day, research found.
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Exemplifying Brutal New Trend, Hundreds of Refugees Cast Adrift Off Italian Coast
Over 450 people rescued on Friday following deadliest year on record for migrants
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Transgender Youth's Tragic Suicide Galvanizes Movement
On her Tumblr page, Leelah Alcorn pleaded with those who read her suicide note to 'Fix society. Please.'
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Civilian Deaths Soar in Iraq as US Soldiers Dig In for 'Long Haul'
Increasing numbers of American soldiers are on their way to Iraq even as the threat of combat casualties for those already on the ground appears to be rapidly escalating
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Thursday, January 1, 2015
Mario Cuomo, Former New York Governor, Dies at 82
Asked for his opinion about what his epitaph should say, liberal Democrat from Reagan-era replied with just two words: "He tried."
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