All News Articles for 2014-09-20

Saturday, September 20, 2014
'A Feeling It's Gonna Be Huge': Naomi Klein on People's Climate Eve
'The real task for progressive movements,' says author and activist, 'is to convince people that change is possible.'
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Questions About Ground Troops Pile Up, With No Satisfying Answers
"In less than a week, the administration’s position has gone from 'absolutely no ground troops, period' to 'well, actually….'"
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'People, Planet, Peace over Profit': World Converges for System Change
Before People's Climate March, activists gather to discuss concrete solutions
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Environmental Funding Bypasses Indigenous Communities
Multi-million-dollar environmental conservation efforts are running headlong into the interests of small local communities
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CIA Hits 'Pause' on Espionage Against Friendly Western Governments
Current and former U.S. officials say they want to evaluate risk and effectiveness of foreign spying missions, AP investigation finds
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