All News Articles for 2014-09-07

Sunday, September 7, 2014
'Internet Slowdown' is Coming, Warn Groups
Top websites partaking in September 10 day of action in support of net neutrality
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Weapons Deal Rumors Fly as Ukraine Ceasefire Called into Question
Amnesty International accuses both sides of being responsible for 'war crimes'
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Flaunting Wider "Latitude," US Military Confirms More Strikes in Iraq
Assaults on houses, towns and bakeries allegedly harboring fighters affiliated with Islamic State
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Latin America’s Anti-drug Policies Feed on the Poor
Poor young men, slumdwellers and single mothers are hurt the most by anti-drug policies in Latin America, according to representatives of governments, social organisations and multilateral bodies meeting at the Fifth Latin American Conference on Drug Policies. During the Sept. 3-4 conference held...
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