News for 2014-08-02

Saturday, August 2, 2014
In Botched Execution, Man Given 15 Experimental Lethal Injections
Arizona's execution last week of death row prisoner Joseph Wood garnered international headlines when Wood took nearly two hours to die, gulping and snorting 660 times on the gurney following his injection with an experimental cocktail of lethal drugs. Now it has been revealed that, by the time he...
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As Attacks on Gaza's 'Besieged Civilians' Continue, US Gov't Rallies Behind Israel
Palestinian deaths continue to mount as Israel steps up its attacks on the besieged Gaza strip, following the crumbling of the short-lived "humanitarian ceasefire" on Friday. Israel's heavy military attacks in and near Rafah continued Friday night, following earlier strikes on Rafah's main hospital...
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India Stands Firm on Protecting Food Security of South at WTO
The failure of the two major players in global trade negotiations to bridge their differences has put paid to the adoption of the protocol of amendment for implementation of the contested Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) for the time being. India and the United States failed Thursday at the World...
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