Keystone XL Has a Job For You!

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Movement Generation

Keystone XL Has a Job For You!

When Keystone XL’s top job recruiter comes to town, he reveals just what types of jobs the controversial oil pipeline would really create.

Oil executives like to claim that the Keystone XL would create thousands of jobs. But in a project fueling so many environmental and health risks, only one man is honest enough to say exactly what those jobs would be. (Hint: they’re not in construction.) It’s true, Keystone XL has a job for you! But the question is: do you really want it?

Watch the video, and decide for yourself!

Movement Generation is releasing this comedic video on the first day of the State Department's new public comment period on Keystone XL. If you agree that we can have both good jobs and a healthy environment, please watch and share. This is #OurPublicComment. #NoKXL

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