Could Anyone Possibly Think This Phone Company Isn't Horrible?

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Brave New Foundation / ACLU

Could Anyone Possibly Think This Phone Company Isn't Horrible?

Today, 2.7 million children have a parent behind bars. For these kids, losing a parent to incarceration can be as traumatic as losing a parent to death or divorce.(1) Prisoners are often housed hundreds of miles from their families, making phone the only way to connect on a routine basis.

But for-profit prison phone companies like Global Tel*Link have gotten away with charging sky-high rates to prisoners and their families, making it too expensive for families to stay connected. Prisoners are charged up to $17 for a 15-minute phone call—a call that might cost $2 outside of prison.

Phone companies shouldn’t be able to profit off prisoners trying to be good parents and good family members. Steep prices mean many prisoners won't be able to call home as often, and that's bad for public safety—when prisoners keep in touch with their families, they are less likely to reoffend and wind up back behind bars.(2)

The Federal Communications Commission took an important first step in August by capping the price of prisoner phone calls made from one state to another at 25 cents per minute. But most prisoners are serving time in their home state. Tell the FCC to finish the job and end this predatory practice for all prison phone calls.

Sign the petition urging the Federal Communications Commission to cap in-state prison phone rates at a fair price.

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