The US Military's Sexual Assault Epidemic

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The US Military's Sexual Assault Epidemic

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With one in three female service members raped while in the U.S. military—a rate double the civilian one—sexual assault in the ranks has reached epidemic proportions. Yet, this rampant problem has been met with years of inaction by the Department of Defense and federal government, despite the fact that this rape is woven into the military hierarchy, with most rapes perpetrated by higher-ranking service members against lower-ranking ones.

In this interview, Jennifer Norris, victim advocate with the Military Rape Crisis Center, tells of her own experience surviving military sexual assault, shares her frustration with DoD and Obama administration inaction in the face of this widespread problem, and calls for the military to face real accountability. She declares military sexual assault "needs to be a national emergency where we make sure that everybody is good to go and they're not trapped under some predator that they can't escape from, and if they are, that they're not going to get retaliated against for turning them in."


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