Super-PACs Already Planning for 2014

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Super-PACs Already Planning for 2014

Megan R. Wilson

"Election Day has come and gone, but the super-PAC era is just beginning." (photo: stevendepolo via flickr)

Election Day has come and gone, but the super-PAC era is just beginning.

The heads of the outside spending groups that pumped more than $1 billion into the 2012 election are already making plans for 2014.

Conservative outside groups Crossroads and Freedomworks for America told The Hill they made a long-term commitment to their donors that won’t be altered by the disappointing results Republicans saw in 2012.


The Democratic House Majority PAC spent $30 million on House races through mid-October and saw its favored candidates win in exactly half of them, according to an analysis by the Sunlight Foundation. The group is “taking a long breath” with the election over, but plans to charge ahead into the next campaign.

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“As long as these are the rules of the road, House Majority PAC will continue to ensure that the outside spending disparity [between Republicans and Democrats] is diminished as much as possible,” said House Majority PAC spokesman Andy Stone.


“I still don’t think super-PACs should exist, but as long as Republicans are going to do this, Democrats need a response,” said Burton of Priorities USA Action.

With the next election two years away, some outside groups, including Crossroads and the Tea Party-aligned Freedomworks for America, plan to assert themselves during the lame-duck session of Congress.

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