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Alexis Tsipras: Austerity Will Send Greece (and Europe) 'Directly To Hell'

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Alexis Tsipras, head of Syriza, Greece’s ascendent left-wing political party, appeared on CNN's evening news show Amanpour  on Wednesday to voice his party's position on the ongoing economic crisis in his country and across Europe.

“We want to change the austerity measures in Greece, also in Europe," Tsipras told Christiane Amanpour. "We want to do this with the incorporation of other forces and people of Europe, the people who want a big change. Because everybody now understands that with this policy we are going directly to the hell. And we want to change this way.”

Today in Athens, Tsipras echoed his position and renewed his promise to tear up the bailout deal while keeping Greece in the Eurozone in an address to Syriza party members. He claimed that the desire of most Greek voters, who have rewarded Syriza for their stance against austerity in recent elections, would not change and predicted his party would claim twice as many lawmakers when new elections take place next month.

"The Greek people voted for an end to the bailout and barbaric austerity. They ignored the threats and the cheap propaganda. And we are certain they will do the same now," Tsipras said.

He slammed those using fear and intimidation to induce voters to accept the demands made by Germany, the ECB, and the IMF. "They are trying to terrorize the people to make SYRIZA cave in. We will never compromise... We will never participate in a government to rescue the bailout."


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