All News Articles for 2011-12-15

Thursday, December 15, 2011
Naomi Klein - Interview with Occupy Vancouver
Shot by Ian MacKenzie On Dec. 1, Naomi Klein joined "Occupy Condos: Take the Pantages!" to show support for affordable housing in the DTES. After the march, members of Occupy Vancouver media team were able to sit down with Naomi and capture her thoughts on the Occupy Movement, the tar sands pipeline, and how to prepare for the largest economic shock yet.
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US Exit from Iraq: 'This is Not a Withdrawal, This is an Act on a Stage'
Iraqi people greet pullout ceremony with ambivalence mixed with concern over an uncertain future
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'Fund Us!' Seattle Students Walk Out Over State Education Cuts
Hundreds of students from Seattle, Washington high schools walked out of classes on Wednesday afternoon to protest education cuts of over $400 million to K-12 and higher education budgets proposed by the state legislature. Local Seattle outlet King Five News reported one student saying, "You cut school... we cut class."
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[title] Indefinite Detention Bill Codifies Worst Policies of Bush Years
Jameel Jafffer, deputy legal director at ACLU, talks with Rachel Maddow about objections to the National Defense Authorization Act and whether changes made to avoid a veto from President Obama are sufficient to protect civil liberties.
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US House Passes 'Indefinite Detention' Bill
House of Representatives approves defense bill including moves to allow terror suspects to be detained indefinitely.
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