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Egyptians Repel Police and Army Attack; Retake Tahrir Square, 3 Protesters Dead and 192 Injured

Protesters put up a fight and regain control of square


Egyptian riot police attack protesters near Tahrir Square in Cairo November 20, 2011. Protesters demanding an end to army rule and angered by rough police tactics battled with police on Sunday, presenting Egypt's ruling generals with their biggest security challenge yet, a week before parliamentary elections. Three people were killed and hundreds wounded in clashes reminiscent of some of the worst violence during the 18-day uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak in February. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El-Ghany

7:49pm: Ministry of health revises numbers for dead in clashes down to three and says 192 people have been injured.

7:46pm Al Jazeera reports large protests in Suez in solidarity with protesters in Cairo. In Alexandria,

Large numbers of mourners bury member of Revolutionary Youth Coalition who was killed on Saturday then start protests against ruling military council.

Large numbers of protesters are surrounding police headquarters and army headquarters in Alexandria.

7:24pm: Prospective presidential candidate Amr Moussa tells reporters: "Military council should announce a clear-cut time schedule for Egypt's upcoming elections, and situation now is threatening the future of Egypt's political future."

7:15pm: Protesters chant against Field marshal Tantawi and military rule at center of square.

7:10pm: Health ministry confirms 5 deaths among protesters upon the attack on Tahrir square by security forces.

7:09pm: Cabinet statement: Government committed to holding elections on time.

6:46pm: Clashes still ongoing at Mohamed Mahmoud street leading into Tahrir between protesters and military police.

6:44pm: Ahram Online reporter: a march circling the square chants "the people demand the ousting of the Field Marshal Tantawi."

6:40pm: Cabinet ministers head to the Military Council headquarters for an emergency meeting to discuss the latest developments in Tahrir.

6:22pm: Egyptian minister of culture Emad Abu Ghazi resigns in protest over the violent reaction of authorities to the Tahrir protest.

6:21pm: Protesters secure the square again after retaking control of it upon the retreat of security forces, and set check points at multiple entrances.

6:14pm: Protesters retake the square at the apparent retreat of central security forces and military police.

6:13pm: Bothaina Kamel released by security forces

6:12 pm: Thousands of protesters retake the square at the apparent retreat of central security forces and military police.

6:04pm: Presidential candidate Bothaina Kamel confirms Kamel has been arrested by Central Security Forces.

6:02pm: Military police completely block Mohamed Mahmoud street leading to Interior Ministry Headquarters in an attempt to defend complex.

5:55: @khalidabdallah tweets from the square, "temperature in Tahrir is higher than camel wednesday. The bell has been struck. The end is coming."  

5:48pm: Islamist presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abou-Ismail and supporters trapped inside Omar Makram Mosque. Abou-Ismail told supporters that whoever wishes to go 'defend the square' may do so and whoever wishes to stay in the mosque can stay.

6:00pm Ahram Online reporters confirm one protester dead and the number could be as high as three.

5:53pm: A group of protesters gathering in front of the Egyptian Museum's entry to Tahrir Square discussing reentering the square.

5:45pm Battles rage on side streets around Tahrir square with eyewitnesses reporting that field hospital has been completely demolished by police.

Eyewitnesses tell Al Jazeera some of the protesters have sustained bullet injuries.

5:30pm Protesters are regrouping in Talaat Harb street, according to  eyewitnesses in the area. Protesters are chanting: The People Want to oust Field Marshal Tantawi.

Ahram Online reporters say that some protesters are attempting to reenter Tahrir square from the southside near the downtown area.

Al Jazeera is carrying footage of ambulances carrying injured protesters out of the square. Al Jazeera reprter says he has talked to protesters who say they have been shot with rubber bullets.

5:20pm In front of the Shura council building on Kasr El Aini street, there are tens of injured protesters with wounds all over their bodies. Ambulances drive down Kasr el Aini towards Tahrir to pick up and transport the protesters back to the hospital every couple of minutes.     

Other groups of protesters were standing at the Sheikh Rihan street intersection with Kasr el aini, throwing rocks at the police forces.

5:15pm Tahrir news is reporting that the police have attacked the field hospital with tear gas cannisters and that doctorsare fleeing the makeshift clinic.

Tens of armored personnel carriers continue to attack the square with rubber bullets and tear gas.

5:12pm: Eyewitness account on Mohamed Mahmoud street describes being beaten by military police with batons, not distinguishing between women and men, as they shout "you deserve this you sons of dogs."     

5:10pm Police forces and military police attack Tahrir Square to disperse protesters who have been staging an anti-SCAF sit-in since Saturday.

Protesters ran into the side streets, where they are being chased by police forces. Many are arrested and many wounded, according to eyewitnesses.

Al Jazeera television is carrying live footage of central security forces destroying and burning tents in the central island in Tahrir square. Other soldiers are seen burning motorcycles that were abandoned by protesters.

Thousands of protesters are hurling stones at attacking soldiers as night falls on Tahrir, live TV coverage shows.

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