All News Articles for 2011-11-17

Thursday, November 17, 2011
[title] Arundhati Roy: We Are All Occupiers
Arundhati Roy speaking at the People's University in Washington Square Park, New York, held at Judson Memorial Church, 16 November 2011.
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Former Philadelphia Police Captain Joins Occupy Protesters, Gets Arrested
Former Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis joined Occupy Wall Street protesters on Tuesday. He was seen holding a sign reading "NYPD Don't Be Wall Street Mercenaries."
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[title] Live: Occupy Wall Street Day of Action
Three livestreams from this morning's Occupy Wall Street actions:
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The 'School to Prison Pipeline': Education Under Arrest
WASHINGTON - Metal detectors. Teams of drug-sniffing dogs. Armed guards and riot police. Forbiddingly high walls topped with barbed wire. Such descriptions befit a prison or perhaps a high-security checkpoint in a war zone. But in the U.S., these scenes of surveillance and control are most visible in public schools, where in some areas, education is becoming increasingly synonymous with incarceration.
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