Mic Check: Occupy Disrupts US Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

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Mic Check: Occupy Disrupts US Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

Tim Mak

Occupy Wall Street protesters disrupted a U.S. Chamber of Commerce luncheon featuring the President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The interruption at the Chamber’s office in DC was caught on C-SPAN, which was broadcasting Scott Serota’s speech about the future of the healthcare insurance industry.

ThinkProgress, which quickly posted C-SPAN’s video of the encounter, reports that the protesters chanted, “we are the 99 percent.”

The Occupy demonstrators, using a call-and-repeat method of speaking, complained about Serota’s $2.5 million annual salary, and said that he “is an example of the 1 percent in the healthcare industry.”

Serota, the protesters allege, put profit ahead of human suffering.

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The demonstrators appear to have been sitting at tables at the luncheon. As each protester was led out of the room, another would stand and continue reading from a prepared statement. This happened several times.

According to the video, those who interrupted the luncheon were led out of the room peacefully.

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