Hackers Hit San Francisco Subway Police Website

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Hackers Hit San Francisco Subway Police Website

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BART police push back demonstrators who are trying to keep a train from leaving the Civic Center station on August 15 in San Francisco.

Hackers on Wednesday posted personal information about more than 100 San Francisco transit officers online after apparently breaching the police association website.

An anonymous posting on Pastebin.com listed the names, home addresses, email addresses and passwords of 102 officers and said they were taken from the website of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police Officers Association.

The website, bartpoa.com, was inaccessible Wednesday afternoon and displayed a message saying it had been "locked."

The anonymous poster said the information was released in retaliation for BART's bid last week to shut down cellphone service to limit a protest over the fatal shooting by BART police in July of a knife-wielding homeless man.

The hacker group Anonymous, which has targeted BART websites previously, denied involvement in the latest attack, saying it was carried out by "some random joe."

"The leak today of BART officer data could be the work sanctioned by those who truly support anonymous, or agent provocateurs," Anonymous said on a Twitter account @AnonyOps, used by the loose-knit group.

"Hacktivists" with Anonymous have previously attacked the websites of Visa and PayPal, among others, after they stopped accepting donations for Wikileaks.

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