1Sky and 350.org Merge under 350.org Banner to Unite Large-scale Powerful Grassroots Climate Movement

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1Sky and 350.org Merge under 350.org Banner to Unite Large-scale Powerful Grassroots Climate Movement

Statement by 350.org

Washington, DC -- Even as Congress passes laws designed to gut the Clean Air Act and prevent action on global warming, the merger of two of the strongest climate campaigns signals the beginnings of a powerful mass movement for real action.

Grassroots groups 350.org and 1Sky today announced they will combine under the 350.org banner and dramatically expand their work. “In light of last night’s vote, it is more important than ever to unite and train a bigger, more powerful grassroots movement capable of attacking our corporate polluter opponents and fighting for a real clean energy future. This moment is our call to action,” said Liz Butler, Campaign Director of 1Sky.

Leading up to the 2010-midterm elections, dirty energy industries spent over $500 million on lobbying and campaign expenditures. That number is likely to be dwarfed in 2012, and the new organization believes it requires swift, decisive, and powerful response.

“People are excited about this because we haven’t been doing it: we haven’t been collaborating enough, we haven’t been connecting and mobilizing enough local leaders across the country. This is a critical moment for the environmental movement, for the American people as a whole. The new 350.org is a huge opportunity to grow the people power needed to counteract corporate influence in politics and reverse the climate crisis,” stated May Boeve, Executive Director of 350.org, who will head the newly merged group.

The new organization, 350.org, has already begun work in the United States to train and mobilize a powerful large-scale movement of individuals, businesses, organizations, and community leaders pushing for climate action. The U.S. campaign will complement and support the international activities of 350.org, overseen by a board chaired by 350 Founder Bill McKibben.

In an essay announcing the merger, McKibben and new 350.org board member, author and activist Naomi Klein, wrote, “The idea is not to supplant the Washington green groups, but instead to give the whole movement new clout—enough clout to withstand the crushing power of oil money.”


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