All News Articles for 2011-03-27

Sunday, March 27, 2011
Wendell Berry Presses Coal Protest, Wins Honors
PORT ROYAL, Kentucky -- Wendell Berry is back in the wooden rocker in the kitchen of his central Kentucky farm house after a busy few weeks, and his mind is slowly returning to writing. "There's been a good bit going on lately," he says with a chuckle. The Amish-made chair near the window is softer and more familiar than the floor of the Kentucky governor's office, where last month he joined environmentalists at a three-day sit-in to protest strip-mining in Appalachia.
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Global Compact Rejects Independent Panel's Criticism
GENEVA -- An independent U.N. body has criticized the Global Compact , the largest initiative for corporate social responsibility, for not sufficiently monitoring the human rights and environmental commitments of participating companies. The Joint Inspection Unit (JIU), an independent external evaluation body of the U.N., based in Geneva, echoes a longstanding complaint by NGOs that the Global Compact may just be helping companies don a positive marketing image.
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Germany's Merkel Suffers Election Blow Over Nuclear Policy
Greens and Social Democrats Make Big Gains on Nuclear Debate
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More Obstacles Sunday Impede Crews in Japan Nuke Crisis
TOKYO -- Mounting problems, including badly miscalculated radiation figures and inadequate storage tanks for huge amounts of contaminated water, stymied emergency workers Sunday as they struggled to nudge Japan's stricken nuclear complex back from the edge of disaster. Workers are attempting to remove the radioactive water from the tsunami-ravaged nuclear compound and restart the regular cooling systems for the dangerously hot fuel.
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Morgan Spurlock Launches Assault Against Onscreen Product Placement
The maker of Supersize Me has targeted advertisers who are increasingly muscling in on films and TV shows
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