All News Articles for 2011-01-06

Thursday, January 6, 2011
[title] Hendrik Hertzberg with Laura Flanders: Bust the Filibuster
"But there's one big obstacle - almost as big as the rest put together - that has no pluses whatsoever, and that we don't have to be stuck with: the arsenal of senatorial death rays that goes by the quaint name of filibuster." So wrote Hendrik Hertzberg in The New Yorker, and he joins us in studio to discuss the various proposals on the table to end abuse of the filibuster--or end the filibuster entirely. He also discusses the Constitutional basis -- or lack thereof -- of the filibuster, and argues that simple majority rule is the best for everyone.
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Haiti One Year On: Suffering, Lost Opportunities and Political Paralysis
1 million people still live in makeshift accommodation and only 5% of rubble left by earthquake cleared, Oxfam report says
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[title] Why Are House Republicans Reading The Constitution?
Robert Scheer: More 'States Rights' might be good, but is that really what Tea Party Wants?
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