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The Hill Organizes 'Call-In Filibuster' Ahead of Senate Vote on Tax Bill

Vicki Needham started a call-in filibuster Monday to Congress over
the inclusion of tax breaks for those in higher-income brackets in the
tax bill under consideration on the Senate floor. 

Nearly 4,000
calls had been made this morning to senators, while the Senate is poised
to take its first vote on the tax deal worked out last week by
President Obama and Senate Republicans. The group's calls targeted Sen.
John Kerry (D-Mass.). 

The so-called telephone "filibuster" meant
to complement the Friday effort of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) who spent
more than eight hours on the Senate floor deriding the bill's
components, especially the elements that benefit wealthier taxpayers. 

Ilyse Hogue, the director of political advocacy for, told
ABC’s “Top Line” on Friday that the president has made a “wide
miscalculation” about voters’ opposition to tax cuts for those making at
least $250,000 a year. 

Hogue vowed to find Democratic candidates in 2012 to challenge those Democrats who vote in favor of the package.

American people need to know what the Democrats stand for. And they
need to see someone fighting on their behalf,” she said. “Should
unemployed people have an extension of their benefits? Absolutely. Has
that happened every time unemployment has been this high in this
country? Absolutely. Call the Republicans’ bluff, remind the Democrats
who’s in charge, and what you stand for.”

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