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Protesters Charged with Mischief, 'Breaking Out' After Calgary Greenpeace Action


SEPARATE OIL AND STATE Greenpeace activists in full climbing gear unfurl their sign off the Calgary Tower in Calgary, Alberta on August 3, 2010. Greenpeace activists argue the weekday disruption was justified, saying neither the province nor Ottawa is closely monitoring the oilsands or making sure companies comply with environmental laws. "I don't think it's fair that in the north they're destroying huge swaths of land," said Melina Laboucan-Massimo, a Greenpeace spokeswoman. (Leah Hennel/Calgary Herald)

CALGARY - Calgary Police have laid charges against nine people in connection with Tuesday's Greenpeace protest at the Calgary Tower.

Two Calgarians are among the nine, each of whom are charged with one count of "breaking out" related to leaving the tower and climbing onto the roof, and one count of mischief to property under $5,000.

Greenpeace activists in full climbing gear unfurled a huge banner Tuesday, protesting what they said is a "cozy" relationship between big oil and the federal and provincial governments.

The banner itself, eight by 15 metres with the words "Separate oil and state," was held in place by three protesters hanging by ropes from the north face of the tower.

Police investigators believe the protesters entered the base of the tower through a ground-level emergency exit that was opened from the inside by other protesters.

This allowed them to enter the elevators undetected, with their climbing gear in hand, Calgary Police said today in a press release.

"The group then rode the elevator to the observation level where they were able to open a window that allowed them to access the catwalk of the tower," the statement said.

"From there they attached their climbing gear and rappelled from the tower."

Eight people were taken into custody after the incident, while another was arrested later Tuesday evening.

Charged are Ian Scott Wearmouth, 21, of Calgary; Isabelle Charlesbois, 25, of Calgary; Adela Sculean, 26, of Edmonton; Tom Verhaeghe, 28, Belgium National; Jeffrey Charles Harrison, 22, of Surrey, B.C.; Rehn Thibault, 29, province of Quebec; Zane Trevor Lewis, 36, of Edmonton; Steven Erich Andersen, 30, of Grande Prairie; and Frederic Bleau, 30, of St. Bruno, Que.


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