Al Gore Plugs Sci-Fi Thriller That’s Aiding Climate Campaign

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The Hill (Washington, DC)

Al Gore Plugs Sci-Fi Thriller That’s Aiding Climate Campaign

Ben Geman

Al Gore is giving two thumbs up to the new science fiction thriller
"Inception" that stars fellow environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio - a
film that is aiding one of Gore's climate change advocacy groups.

from the film's July 13 premiere in Los Angeles went to the
Gore-founded Alliance for Climate Protection, which is pressing Congress
to approve legislation that caps greenhouse gas emissions.

have never recommended a movie before on, but I am making an
exception this weekend for a movie that I had an opportunity to see
when it premiered in Los Angeles last Tuesday: ‘Inception,'" Gore, the
former vice president, wrote on his
website Friday afternoon
. He also tweeted the recommendation.

"Do yourself a favor and see it! It is, in my opinion, a real
work of genius by the writer and director, Chris Nolan, with brilliant
performances - especially by my friend and fellow environmentalist, Leo
DiCaprio - incredible special effects, and a truly great musical score
by Hans Zimmer," he added.

Gore admits he's not an impartial
observer: "Warner Brothers devoted the proceeds from the ‘Benefit
Premiere' to the Alliance for Climate Protection - so you could say I am
biased," he notes. But Gore adds: "This movie really is one of the
best, most entertaining, and most thought-provoking I can ever remember

The film is receiving good reviews and, according
to Entertainment Weekly
, took in over $21 million Friday
when it opened nationwide and could earn $60 million over its first
three days.

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DiCaprio has for years worked with environmental
groups such as the Natural Resources Defense Council and the
International Fund for Animal Welfare.


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