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Obama Hires Former Wellpoint Exec to Implement Health Care Law

David Sirota

Max Baucus and former aide and Wellpoint Exec Liz Fowler

From the Department of You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up, check out this little-noticed report from the Billings Gazette today:


Liz Fowler, a key staffer for U.S. Sen. Max Baucus
who helped draft the federal health reform bill enacted in March, is
joining the Obama administration to help implement the new law...

Fowler headed up a team of 20-some Senate Finance Committee staffers
who helped draft the bill in the Senate. She was Baucus' top health care
aide from 2001-2005 and left that job in 2006 to become an
executive at WellPoint, the nation's largest private insurer. She was
vice president of public policy at WellPoint, helping develop
public-policy positions for the company. In 2008, she rejoined Baucus to
work on health reform legislation


For some good background on Fowler and the insidious role she played
in killing the public option, watch Bill Moyers' recent segment here.

Clearly, this is a telling indictment of the health care law
itself, strongly suggesting that it was constructed by the Obama
administration - as some progressives argued - as a massive
taxpayer-financed giveaway to private insurers like Wellpoint. And let's
be honest: In investment terms, Fowler has been a jackpot for the
health industry. The industry maximized her public policy experience for
their own uses when they plucked her out of the Senate. Then, having
lined her pockets, they deposited her first into a key Senate committee
to write the new health care law that they will operate under, and now
into the administration that will implement said law. Any bets on how
much Fowler will make when Wellpoint (or another health insurer)
inevitably rehires her in a few years?

This story is also a telling indictment of the Washington media.
You'll notice that the Obama administration's move was reported by the
Billings Gazette, but (save for a blog entry on the Hill's website, one context-free line at the bottom of the Washington Post's gossip column, and a blurb in Congressional Quarterly's HealthBeat newsletter) was almost completely ignored by national Washington-based publications.
That's not because D.C. reporters didn't know it was happening - more
likely, it is because the political press corps in the nation's capital
no longer sees this kind of revolving door corruption as even mildly
problematic, much less newsworthy. That's how pervasive corruption is
these days - ubiquitous to the point of invisible in the eyes of most of
the so-called watchdogs.

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