"You Should Be in Prison!": Protester Interrupts BP Hearing

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"You Should Be in Prison!": Protester Interrupts BP Hearing

Eric Zimmermann

The protester appeared to be the same woman arrested at a Senate hearing last week - Diane Wilson, a Texas shrimper,activist and co-founder of Codepink for Peace. (Credit: CBS)

WASHINGTON - No sooner did BP CEO Tony Hayward begin the first sentence of his
opening statement at a House hearing Thursday morning than a protester
disrupted the hearing.

A woman with oil covering her hands and
spread on her face stood up and started shouting down Hayward before he
could get a word in.

"You should be in prison!" she yelled at the BP chief.

Security guards struggled to quiet the woman down, and eventually removed her from the hearing room.

"Emotions run high on this issue, but we have a hearing to conduct here," subcommittee chairman Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) said.

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