National White House Call-In Day: Monday, November 23rd, 2009

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National White House Call-In Day: Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Call President Obama, Your Senators, and Member of Congress to Stop the Escalation and End the War in Afghanistan

An ad-hoc coalition of national peace advocacy
organizations is calling on people from every corner of the country to
inundate the White House on Monday (November 23rd) with phone calls against military
escalation in Afghanistan.

The Obama Administration is on the verge of a major strategic decision regarding troop levels and US policy in Afghanistan.  Ralph Nader recently lamented how Obama was possibly "insulating himself" - not unlike his predecessor - from expert and cautious advice as he considers this, his most perilous, foreign policy decision. 

After eight years of war and occupation in Afghanistan it is now up to those Americans who have long counciled for peace and reconciliation to speak out louder than they ever have before.  We take Obama's hesitation to commit more troops as a welcome sign, and see this not as presidential 'dithering', but as an opportunity. 


CodePink has alternate avenues to the White House:

Let's tell Obama: We Need an Exit
Strategy, Not an Escalation!
Obama now to say No Escalation
--no more wounded soldiers,
no more lost lives, no more money for war. Peace Action West
is donating their toll-free number so that several national
organizations can collaborate in an effort to flood the White
House with phone calls. Call 888-310-8637 – you will
be connected to the White House after a brief message. Or
email the White House here.

Obama may not ever make the speech that Tom Engelhardt recently fantasized about, nor speak the truth that Howard Zinn so eloquently provides (see below), but the peace movement must find its ground with this new President (and this Congress) to end the assault on the Afghan people, bring our troops home, and help bring peace to a region that has far too long known only war.

On Monday (11/23), take time from your day to call the White House - 202-456-1111 - and give President Obama the advise he so desperately needs.  Tell him, We, the people of this nation, will not sit idly by and watch him turn our hope into a quagmire or our dreams of peace into the continued nightmare visited upon the nation of Afghanistan. When you're done, call your Senators and House members and relate to them the same.

If there is to be an escalation, let it be ours.

the video above -- from October 2009 -- Howard Zinn answers a question from the audience: what
would he urge Barack Obama to do?

The groups supporting this Call-In Day include: Just Foreign Policy, United for Peace and
, the American Friends Service Committee, Peace Action,
CodePink, Voters for Peace, Pax Christi,, Historians
Against War
, and the Institute for Policy Studies.


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